Friday, 11 May 2012

Mantera The Sacred Path - Release Date

Hi guys! Our Mantera game is going to be released soon! Android version will be releasing on 17th May together with the movie, and the iOS version will be released on 25th May during school holiday!

Here's some information about our game =)

*Story description:*

"Since thousands of years ago, there was a huge and evil army of hybrid beings in full control of the Universe. They were out there, The Dark Legions, and they are taking over the planets relentlessly with their advanced super robotic soldiers. Finally, The Communion, the core of The Dark Legions, turned their desire for the tiny planet, The Earth ... and a cruel merciless war was launched.

During this horrifying period, a group of brave Men formed an alliance, The Alliance of Light, to fight against The Dark Legion. No match for the advanced robotic armies, the people of the Earth were doomed for endless slavery of the ruthless kind or face total annihilation. The fate at that time, a wise man, the man of height, handed them an armored suit called MANTERA. With MANTERA, these brave men fought to their last blood. After long and cruel battle, The Alliance of Light finally won the war, and destroyed all the robotic armies of The Dark Legions.

This is MANTERA, a secret kept so long for the protection of the people of the Earth. However, during the Industrial Revolution, the secret is discovered by the descendent of The Dark Legion, Lord Kanazawa. Not fully human, Lord Kanazawa cannot activate MANTERA. After so many failures, he waited for the right candidate patiently. For hundreds of years, finally he found his candidates, an ambitious high tech tycoon, Sam Weston, with his technological wizard, Ryan Matsumori.”

Build as a companion to the movie “MANTERA: Man Transformable Exo-Robotic Armour”, check out the game “MANTERA: The Sacred Path”. A game that will bring you closer to MANTERA. Sign up with “MANTERA: The Sacred Path” game, and experience the MANTERA transformation. Connect to the MANTERA uprising ... and become MANTERA!

Remember the date, MAY 17th 2012, and MANTERA shall rise, again!


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