Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dragon Dash - New Updates!

Hi people! It's been a while since we have update anything in our blog. Here's the new graphics for our iOS game Dragon Dash! We are showing some designs of the hero dragons and he's new forms, as well as the enemy dragon designs. We are working hard on it now and looking forward to its release at May 2012! Stay tune =)


  1. Is this a CTG? :D

  2. Nice colors!
    Btw Vigor's right claw overlaps the border..not sure if it's done intentionally.
    Also there are some grammar and spelling mistakes on some of the cards.
    Go Dash!

  3. To Quest Valliant,

    What is CTG? ?? ?? Game? Haha~ A little blur here.

    To Aun Tan,

    Thanks for helping us on the advises and suggestion! We'll definitely amend the grammar and spelling mistakes soon.

  4. Oh yea, what about balancing each elemental Dash to be equally strong? Say Earth Dash has the highest HP but slower attack speed, Thunder Dash will have a faster attack speed and balanced everything else, Water is balanced in terms of everything and Wind will have a AOE, but lower damage attack? Normal Dash should be equally strong too, in case we'll have to fight elemental resistant dragons (or simply like using him). Balancing the dragons allow us to play our favorite dragon instead of sticking with one dragon only (i.e. the strongest) during the final parts the game, assuming we unlocked all of them.

  5. Hahahaah~ wow, you know a lot about game design =), most of the balancing part wasn't done yet. We are currently working out the details of Dragon Dash, with GDD (Game Design Document). What you mentioned there is quite similar to what we have in mind, just that we haven't put it down on paper yet. All are loosely documented.

  6. TCG - Trading Card Game, or Card Battle Game =P and becareful that, for basic level monster design, try not to be looked too strong haha else later for higher level monster design will be pain in the ass. Like digimon, at the end no choice but to make them all evolve from fleshy creature become metalic creature. That's why their hardcore fans not happy and complaint it become transformer but no more digimon. :x

  7. haha I only like the very first series of digimon. MetalGreymon FTW. The ones after that...pfft.