Friday, 14 October 2011

Dragons of Dragon Dash!!

Hi guys!! We would like to show you some of our 3D modeling progress! We are targeting to finish our 3D Dragon Dash sometime around Christmas next year, if not earlier. Our first version of Dragon Dash will be releasing next summer, which is a 2D stylize iOS game. By the way, the 3D version will be distributed to various gaming platforms. Hope you enjoy following up with our progress, and see you next week with more updates.


  1. Was pointed to this blog by an old friend. Glad to see dragons being re-imagined out of their stereotypes. I have some comments to make on the design~

    1. I see dragons as 'T-rex with bat wings' and I guess using a T-rex (or any other suitable animals) body as a baseline (from where you then imagine your dragons) will lend a 'credible' factor to your dragons. Wikipedia reveals some interesting features of the dinosaur. Cool dragons like the cyborg 'Metal-Greymon' and bone dragons are worth referencing from =)

    2.One of the more instantly recognizable feature of the dragon is it's wings. Dragon wings are actually modified arms with skin~ More details on how the wing connects to the torso would be nice. Just a suggestion, what about multiple wings? If you do have them, have each set flap at a phase difference of 180 deg.

    3. About Dragon 4. The smaller first set of arms look redundant and might get in the way of the second set. The wing doesn't look big enough to support the entire body in flight. The Morningstar of a tail it has looks wicked, but it's not long enough to lash out at an enemy, if it's used like a hammer, then I guess the bottom part should be armor plated too.

    4. Multiple eyes at the side! nice one.Eyes at the side allows for a wider range of vision and two eyes at each side allows each side to have binocular vision, which is, quite cool. Good job! cool dragons/monsters like the ones in Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon have them.

  2. Hi Tiek Aun,

    Thanks for your valuable comments =). We'll try to collect more feedback and review our game concepts once it reaches it's milestone. Thank you so much for taking the time writing to us. And we hope you'll continue give us comments! Cheers.