Friday, 9 September 2011

Hi everyone! We develop video games and multimedia contents. Games and application for mobile (iPhone & iPad), PC, Mac, and online.

Ninety Nine Works was started by Pek Harn and Shin Yih in 2011 to pursue his passion for games and interactive media. Seeing how video game sand modern technologies affect people nowadays, especially the younger generation.
We are enthusiastic in having and building a strong team that creates AAA title games and various digital products, which would impact thousands and millions of people in all walks of life, by changing their minds into a more positive, lovely, caring, creative and passionate characters. By creating these games and products, we could change the world into a better place. We give the best to the world, and we make the best out of it.
We are currently focusing on Facebook and iOS development in both the education and entertainment industries.

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